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Circular Cooling Crystallization & Recovery System


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Circular Cooling Crystallization & Recovery System

Product Name:
  Circulating Cooling Crystallization and Recovery System
  The circular cooling, crystallizing and recycling system is widely used on such solvent and crystals in the chemistry, medicine, pesticide industries, among others, as are repeatedly condensed and recycled by the enterprises to purify raw material and make medicines, or in situations where there are requirements on the organic solvents recycled.
  The circular cooling, crystallizing and recycling system consists of highly efficient set for this purpose, which controls the material temperature through PLC in order to extract, condense, cool, recycle. Its unique structure and working mechanism decide that it is highly efficient, simple in configuration, easy in operation, and good in operating environment, etc. Corresponding auxiliary equipment can be provided to users according to their demand.
Working Principle:
  During the crystallization process, the supersaturation of the solvent, the consistency of the temperature of the materials, speed of the agitator and the cooling area are the key factors deciding the size, appearance and form of the crystal grains of the product. This crystallization device has in place a dedicated DTB crystallizer and a heating still and can easily realize automatic system-control with regards to temperature and agitator speed to cope with the crystallizing requirement of different materials in multiple purification.
  1. It is a circular crystallizing and condensing machine set for multiple purification.
  2. It can ensure good evaporation, extraction and crystallization effect.
  3. It realizes high efficient circulation and increase the purity of the product step by step.
  4. It eliminates the occurrence of internal wall scabs.
  5. It can be used with dedicated products for medicine producing factories.
  6. The magma is uniformly supersaturating and the crystal grains evenly distributed, resulting in high efficiency.
  7. Low energy consumption.
  8. It is able to be used in continuous and circular production.
  9. It can be used in heated concentration and cooled crystallization.
  10. It is easily regulated, highly adjustable, reliable in operation and rather free from malfunctions.
Main Spare Parts:
  The device mainly consists of a tank, a shell-and -tube condenser, a crystallizer, a thickener, a centrifuge, a conveyor, a heating stll, a alcohol recycling condenser, a vacuum pump, a material pump, a circulating pump, a compulsory circulating pump, an electric motor, an electric control box, a console as well as pipelines and valves.
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