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Double Effect Concentrator

  Double Effect Concentrator
Scope of Application:
  The device can be used in the fluid condensation in industries involving Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch, ajinomoto, food and dairy product, chemicals etc, and is particularly suitable for the low temperature vacuum condensation of heat-sensitive materials. Through our careful calculation, design and modification, the devise is now in possession of more characteristics and advantages than before. You can choose the serial condenser with the right technical parameters in light of your volume of condensation.
  This equipment is suitable for concentrated Chinese medicine, Western medicine, starch sugar, dairy and other food materials, especially for heat-sensitive materials low temperature vacuum concentration.
  The equipment consists of a heater, evaporator, condensate recovery unit and other components.
  1. Energy efficiency, according to SJN-1000 type, the annual steam savings of about 3,500 tons of water saving about 9 tons, saving electricity about 80,000 degrees, equivalent to RMB 10-15 million (comparison with single-effect).
  2. The concentrator adopts negative external heating natural cycle of evaporation, evaporation speed, concentration ratio, up to 1.2-1.35 (general medicine extract).
  3. the concentrator uses two effect evaporator while secondary steam obtained using total energy consumption, compared with single-effect concentrator 50% reduction in energy costs a year to recover the total investment in the concentrator.
  4. Multi-functional operation characteristics: (1) 80% recyclable alcohol concentration; (2) a single effect, double effect can be repeated and income paste pot; (3) can be batch, continuous feed.
  5. The concentrator with the material contact parts are made of stainless steel, meet the GMP standards. Appearance. Heater, outside evaporator has insulation layer, insulating layer external stainless steel sheet production casing, surface do mirror or matte processing.
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