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Multi-effect Crystallization and Separation Drying Unit

Product Name:
  Multi-effect Crystallization and Separation Drying Unit
Scope of Application:
  Multi-effect crystallization and separation drying unit is widely used in chemical chemistry, organic recovery, the pharmaceutical industry, waste water treatment, food industry, bio-engineering and power plant desulfurization, concentration, crystallization, recycling and other fields, the current domestic production of major operations in the form of evaporation equipment manual monitoring, manual and automatic operation control, an evaporator operating parameters control key, is how to control the different sections of the evaporator liquid level, material flow, and the efficiency of the evaporation temperature and pressure within the range of reasonable design. This set of equipment and technology, including working principle, the device characteristics, device component and major components, materials, trends, steam toward the secondary steam direction, up or down within each effect evaporator non-condensable gas and condensate trend, washing lines strike and so on.
Component and Major Components:
  The device consists of sets of evaporation chamber (heat chamber), the separation chamber, hot pump, preheater coil, condenser, mold, external circulation crystallizer, sedimentation tanks, vortex separator thick, centrifuges, conveyor machine, fluidized bed, packing machine, vacuum pumps, material pumps, circulating pumps, forced circulation pumps, motors fans, skimming devices, electric control boxes, platforms and all piping, valves and other components.
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