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Four Effect Crystallization Evaporator

  Four Effect Crystallization Evaporator TANG04-(1T/h-400T/h) Evaporation Capacity
Scope of Application:
  Four-effect crystallization evaporators can be widely used during the production of chemical inorganic salts, environmental engineering, waste water treatment, and desulfurization in steelworks and thermal power plants, and bio-engineering for the purpose of concentrating, crystallizating and recovering highly viscous and easy-to-encrust materials. Process streams for such evaporators include advection, down-flow, counter-flow and cross-flow. The low-temperature concentration and crystallization process is particularly designed based on the properties and concentrations of different materials.
  The continuous concentration and crystallization evaporator is manufactured by introducing the most advanced evaporator abroad, and can be complete with different crystallizers. Featuring high coefficient of heat transfer, great evaporation capacity, minimum power consumption, low motor power, small space occupation, simple construction and automatic cleaning. This unit is different from traditional evaporators in China with respect to their structure and process flow, and it is one of the most energy-efficient and most advanced evaporating apparatuses throughout the world.
Control Mode:
  DCS or PLC automatic control, semi-automatic control or manual control (one operation).
  Evaporating Apparatus Configuration and Major Components
This unit comprises mainly the heating chamber, separation chamber, crystallizer, condenser, vacuum pump, circulating pump, forced circulation pump, defoaming device, cleaning system, electric cabinet, platform and all piping, gauges and valves.
  Applied to sodium chloride, acrylic acid, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium acid Gan; barium chloride, zinc sulfate, calcium chloride, ammonium sulfate, sodium hydroxide and other materials for evaporation and crystallization.
  1. According to the characteristics of material and evaporation of the size, can be designed as a single effect or multiple-effect evaporation unit of the device is mainly used in the solution of crystal precipitation.
  2. Mainly used in chemical industry, metal mining smelting, large steel pickling liquid waste treatment plant so wet FGD.
  3. Given the characteristics of the plant variety and complexity of the solution, our customers have crystals on the precipitation of solution components, the content will make specific technical options for users to reference, select!
  1. the first and second evaporator, a second effect separator, one or two effective mold, condenser and other components.
  2. a unique mold design, to meet the continuous feed, continuous discharging process requirements, forced circulation evaporator with the best of its internal structure and make crystal clear liquid are effectively applied to the separation.
  3. whole process for the vacuum evaporation, relatively low temperature, evaporation speed, evaporation of low energy consumption and high evaporation levels, so that the feed viscosity easy flow of evaporation, no scaling, is the most advanced The combination of evaporation and crystallization of one of the evaporation equipment.
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