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Forced Circulation Evaporator

  4 effect forced circulation evaporator for a scaling of, crystalline, heat-sensitive (low temperature), high density, high viscosity and containing insoluble solids such as chemicals, food, pharmaceutical, environmental engineering, waste recycling evaporation Industry evaporation.
Components: The effective sub-cylinder, heater, separate the effect evaporator, condenser (mixed-type or surface type), the effect forced circulation pump, a variety of solid to liquid pumps, vacuum pumps, condensate pumps, platforms, electrical instrumentation and control cabinet sector composed of pipe valves and so on.
  1. Equipment, material handling characteristics of a relatively wide adaptation. Evaporation process, mainly for easy scaling of the materials, evaporation materials with crystalline precipitation, with the increased concentration levels, a corresponding increase in viscosity of the material, there are insoluble solid materials, etc.;
  2. In the evaporation process, the material heated by forced circulation in the pipe flow speed, even heat, heat transfer coefficient is high, and prevent the phenomenon of dry wall.
  3. Feed solution circulating pump by forcing rapid heating by the heater, the top out of the direct tangent-type separator into the evaporator, vapor-liquid separation effect.
  4. Materials through the device evaporation, vacuum evaporation at low temperature, combined with continuous access to materials, heating evaporation time is short, to adapt to the heat-sensitive materials in food sauces evaporation.
  5. Equipment, compact structure, small size, the layout smooth and easy operation, stable performance.
  6. Devices can be configured to automate the system to achieve automatic screw feeding quantity system, heating temperature control, the feed concentration control, but also with unexpected power failure, failure of protection of sensitive materials, other security, alarm and other automated operation and control.
  Model Specifications: XX-water evaporation capacity (L / h) Three: 8000,12000,15000,24000,36000,60000 double-effect: 2000,4000,8000 single effect: 1000 device to force the circulating counter-current vacuum evaporation equipment by the heaters, evaporator, condenser, vacuum pump, forced circulation pump and console and other components.
  Applicable to less liquid crystal or paste materials and scale of a large class of materials (eg, crystalline sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate crystallization of barium chloride crystals, tomato sauce, peach syrup, almond paste, carrots, butter, apple sauce, kiwi sauce, etc.) concentration.
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