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Basic Operation of Taikang High Salt Wastewater Evaporator


Basic Operation of Taikang High Salt Wastewater Evaporator

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The evaporation efficiency of Taikang high-salt wastewater evaporator is directly proportional to its heat transfer efficiency, so to understand the principle of high-salt wastewater evaporator must start with its internal heat transfer mechanism. The evaporator of high salt wastewater usually evaporates in the heating tube. In general, evaporation in tubes can be divided into several stages:
. _Preheating section
_Bubble generation
_emulsified segment
_Conversion segment
_Vapor section.
Since the vapor section has been evaporated, it is not considered. Until the heat transfer efficiency is just from low to high. In order to maximize the evaporation efficiency of high salt wastewater evaporator, the thickness of laminar boundary layer is greatly reduced and the thermal resistance is greatly reduced.
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