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Analysis of Wastewater Evaporator in Chemical Industry


Analysis of Wastewater Evaporator in Chemical Industry

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Chemical wastewater evaporator is one of the most commonly used wastewater evaporators in the process industry. Chemical wastewater evaporator is a relatively energy-saving evaporation operation, in which the secondary steam vaporized by the former effective evaporator is fed into the heating chamber of the latter effective evaporator as the heating steam of the latter effective evaporator.
Chemical waste water evaporator is used in the process of liquid syrup concentration in corn chemical plant. It is to heat liquid syrup by feeding raw steam into chemical waste water evaporator, and then evaporate the water in liquid syrup by heating to achieve the purpose of concentration. There are many reports on the research and application of multi-effect evaporation at home and abroad, but there are many studies on the constant-scale quasi-optimal design based on multi-effect evaporation design problem solving, and few studies on the process simulation and operation optimization based on the operation of chemical wastewater evaporator.
The structure and characteristics of chemical wastewater evaporator are analyzed. The working principle of chemical wastewater evaporator and its application in chemical enterprises are introduced. In the process of wastewater concentration, tube falling film evaporator is used, and the flow steam of wastewater in tube is condensed and heated in shell side.



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