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Enterprise spirit
Innovation, cooperation, harmony and win-win situation
Enterprise Mission < br /> Improve the environment and share a better life.
Interpretation: For an enterprise that produces environmental protection equipment, it needs to shoulder more social responsibility. Energy conservation and emission reduction, waste into treasure, three wastes zero emissions, and resource recycling are the most important aspects. We should not only be responsible for the three wastes of our customers, but also for the environmental governance and protection of the whole society and mankind. Only in this way can we realize the development of enterprises and cherish natural resources with the whole society and mankind, and work together for a green life.
Business objectives
Create high-quality products for customers; create value for society; create career for employees; create brilliance for enterprises.
Business Vision
Build a world-class environmental protection equipment base, improve the earth's environment, improve the quality of human life, and open a better life.
Enterprise Purpose
Honesty is the foundation, quality products are cast by character < br />. Core values
Create social wealth and serve the cause of environmental protection.
Business philosophy
Development goes hand in hand with environmental protection, energy saving and ecological beauty.
For customers to save energy and reduce emissions, turn waste into treasure, recycle resources, create the best cost-effective, best service products for business philosophy.
Guiding Principles
Taking talents as the foundation, marketing as the leader, scientific research as the backing and management as the main line.
Corporate Spirit:
Pioneering and innovative, pragmatic and refined < br /> Technical Idea
Two faces, two services.
Interpretation: (1) Two orientations are: market orientation and future orientation; (2) Two services are: service production and service efficiency.
Theory of Residence Safety and Crisis
Danger is the present, and security is the future.
Interpretation: The status quo is always full of competition and challenges. The living space is obtained by fierce competition among thousands of troops and horses. When we are satisfied with the present situation, we will be left behind by our opponents. Only through continuous struggle can we be at risk.
Business Principles
Dedicate one's strength to environmental protection industry < br />. Provide customers with high quality products < br />. Provide customers with the best value return < br />. Maintain good relationship with customers < br />. Working with Business Partners to Achieve Win-Win
Provide employees with the best career options < br />. Survival Idea
Safety and Environmental Protection Quality Cost Brand
Three-effect Construction
The core is efficiency, efficiency and efficiency construction. The main object is the relationship among employees, facilities and equipment, and enterprises. That is to say, employees need efficiency, equipment needs efficiency, and enterprises need efficiency.
Ten Specifications
Work plan, management system, project budget, consumption quota, cost analysis, operation standard, process record, implementation inspection, problems rectification, performance evaluation.
Management Concept < br /> The core of Taikang evaporator management concept is fine management.
Taikang evaporator management goal is & ldquo; fine beauty & rdquo; that is, product refinement, fine management, beautiful environment. Strengthen process management, ensure continuous improvement of production capacity; refine management, strengthen cost accounting, improve economic efficiency; refine internal reform, change operating mechanism, enhance enterprise vitality; strengthen technological innovation, do a good job in new product research and development, enhance enterprise core competitiveness; strengthen material procurement management, do a good job in material storage and transportation, ensure the supply of raw and auxiliary materials; innovate human resources management To improve the overall quality of employees, improve the follow-up competitiveness of enterprises; strengthen the construction of corporate culture, build Taikang brand, create a harmonious and upward development atmosphere; strengthen efforts to create a beautiful working environment.

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